Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Hoes - We Rule The World

Trio of La Camilla, Dominika Peczynski and Martin "Miss Inga" Johansson has got the official name Happy Hoes and presents already the second single - "We Rule The World".
La Camilla has got loads of promotion participating in Let's Dance so it's time to use it releasing new stuff. Later this year La Camilla will publish her autobiography "Adjö Det Ljuva Livet" which is said to be out also as audiobook and music fans get a new dance track already out on iTunes.
Sound of the new single is pretty far from "Don't Try to Steal My Limelight" though, it starts with almost "Popular"-like electro-pulsating verse blossoming in a sweet sing-a-long chorus which is more home disco-party than a big club-anthem. Also nice to hear La Camilla doing Army Of Lovers-style sexy La Camilla-rap. Caramba!

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